A Guidebook To Mechanism In Organic Chemistry

Author: Peter Sykes
Publisher: Pearson Education
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Author: Peter Sykes
Publisher: Pearson Education
Language: English
Binding Type: Paper Back
Main Category: Engineering, Science & Mathematics
Sub Category: Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Chemistry
ISBN13: 9788177584332
SKU: BK 0001106

A Guidebook To Mechanism In Organic Chemistry, written by Peter Sykes, is a book that covers all the aspects of Organic Chemistry with some additions to the previous edition. This book contains new information like the ipso aromatic substitution, the mechanisms of nucleophilic substitution, and the usage of activation parameters. This guidebook gives an introduction to activation parameters like the Dimorth’s ET Parameter and also spectroscopic data. The book has the basic theme of mechanism at every level, and therefore covers the topics of structures, energy, and kinetics from this perspective. A Guidebook To Mechanism In Organic Chemistry covers topics like acid and base strength. It also includes the mechanics involved in electrophilic and nucleophilic substitutions. The book presents these substitutions with regard to the saturated carbon atom and electron-deficient nitrogen and oxygen atoms. The book also presents the studies on aromatic compounds. Further, the book puts forth discussions on elimination reactions, carbanions, and radicals. It also has chapters on symmetrically controlled reactions and linear free-energy relationships.

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