Comparative Anatomy Of Vertebrates

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Author: R. K. Saxena, Sumitra Saxena
Publisher: Viva Books Private Limited
Language: English
Binding Type: Paper Back
Main Category: Science & Mathematics
Sub Category: Zoology
ISBN13: 9789389401547
SKU: BK 0130103

This second edition of Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates is thoroughly revised and developed around two fundamental themes. Part A comprising the first eight chapters of the book is devoted to the discussion of chordates? evolution and classification. Fairly detailed taxonomic synopsis for each class is included in the chapter dealing with that class. In addition a combination of phylogenetic trees (cladograms) and narrative discussions to unveil facts about animal evolution are included. Cladograms are used where appropriate, because they provide the least ambiguous statements that can be proposed about animal relationships. The book includes and discusses molecular-based hypotheses that have received widespread attention. The newly added Part A of this book will make classification and evolution an interesting parameter to give a new dimension to this seemingly tough subject from the point of view of students. Part B deals with comparative anatomy and provides an introduction to structure-function concept at the level of organs and the organ system, which is fundamental to the understanding of synthesis of comparative anatomy. Key features of the book are: Treats the subject in a sequential manner The subject matter is discussed briefly and lucidly The diagrams are all in outline, drawn from authentic sources and can be easily reproduced by students

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