Author: Madav Mthur
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Author: Madav Mthur
Publisher: Fingerprint Publishing
Language: English
Binding Type: Paper Back
Non Fiction: Religion & Spirituality
ISBN13: 9788175993853
SKU: BK 0008428

ONE NATION ONE RELIGION ONE WAY OF LIFE Welcome to a land called Dvarca, where the cows are holy and people are cattle. At the turn of the 22nd century the world is a mess of warring factions (surprise!). The powers-that-be have fought insanity with an equal and opposite insanity. India has been remodelled under a new bicolour flag and a State religion called Navmarg. Anyone who does not belong, is a threat. Madhav Mathur???s Dvarca is a dark and humorous satire that follows the lives of an ordinary family struggling to get by in this totalitarian regime. Gandharva is a patriotic and pious low-level bureaucrat at the Ministry of Finance and Salvation, working hard on his status and overdue promotion. His dutiful and curious wife, Jyoti, works at Dvarca Mills and witnesses a ghastly act of terror, leading to perilous flirtations with dissent. Their two little children Nakul and Mira are model students in their predestined streams, indoctrinated and well on their way to becoming faithful and productive citizens.

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