Environmental Biology (Principles Of Ecology)

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Author: P. S. Verma, V. K. Agarwal
Publisher: S. Chand Publishing
Language: English
Binding Type: Paper Back
Main Category: Science & Mathematics
Sub Category: Ecology
ISBN13: 9788121908597
SKU: BK 0000803

Environmental Biology (Principles of Ecology) for B.Sc(Hons.) and M.Sc. classes of All Indian Universities.This book will serve the purpose of the students of botany, zoology , agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishery, limnology and oceanography.The present edition is subject matter in most simple, lucid but exhaustive way, so that it becomes easily understandable.Effusive Indian Examples are cited in the various chapters for the benefit of the readers. Table Of Contents: CONTENTS: Part I: Premiminary of Ecology 1 Ecology: Definition, Preview, Branches and Scope 2. Historical Background of Ecology 3. Growth of Ecology in India 4 Ecological Tools and Techniques 5 Statistical Applications in Ecology6 Concept of Levels of Organisation and Biosphere 7The Ecosystem l Part II: Environment and Abiotic Components of the Ecosystem Atmosphere and Air l 8 Lithosphere and Soil 9 Hydrosphere and Water l10Abiotic Environmental Factors 12. Autecology of Species 13. Part III: Biotic Components of Ecosystems 14 Biotic Community and Ecological Niche 15 Ecological Succession and Community Evolution 16 Population 17 Intraspecific and lnterspecific 18 cnteractions 19 Ecological Genetics Part IV: Dynamics of Ecosystem 20 Energy Flow in Ecosystems Biogeochemical Cycles 21 Part V: Diversity of Ecosystems 22 Aquatic Ecosystems: Freshwater, Estuaries and Marine Communities 23 Terrestrial Ecosystems 24 Biogeography l Part VI: Applied Ecology cology of Human Atmosphere and Air25 Lithosphere Population Pollution Ecology and Human Welfare Wildlife Management in India

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