S. Chand's Success Guides : Ancient Indian History

Author: J. C. Aggarwal
Publisher: S. Chand Publishing
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Author: J. C. Aggarwal
Publisher: S. Chand Publishing
Language: English
Binding Type: Paper Back
Main Category: Art & Humanities
Sub Category: History
ISBN13: 9788121918534
SKU: BK 0001318

For B.A. Pass and Hons. Students of History. Based on UGC Model Curriculum and also Modified Curriculum of Several Universities Table Of Contents: ??? Physical Features and Their Impact on Indian History??? Sources of Ancient Indian History ??? Elementsof Pre-history ??? Indus Valley Civilization or HarappaCulture ??? The Vedic Age ??? Epic Age/Later Vedic Age??? Jainism and Buddhism ??? Mahajan-apadas, Republicsand Kingdoms ??? Persian and Greek Invasions ??? TheMauryan Rulers ??? South India Peninsula ??? Post-MauryanTimes ??? The Satavahanas ??? The Kushanas ??? Post-Mauryan Times ??? Gupta Rulers ??? Harsha ??? SouthernPeninsula ??? Regional (Rajput) States ??? The Arab Invasion??? Social and Cultural Conditions ??? India's Cultural,Social and Economic Contacts with Other Countries(Greater India) ??? Ancient Indian Culture ??? Rich Legacyof Ancient India ??? Objective Type and Short AnswerType Questions ??? Model Test Papers, Guideline

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